8th Grade Honors Physical Science Syllabus 2014 –2015 School Year


Cobalt Institute of Math & Science: 


Mr. Patterson Room 901

Phone:  760 – 955 – 2530 Ext. 45901                       http://media3.picsearch.com/is?YVzELHTWc0_Kh5OHaFDZgUD4hDOrcvkD1yE5B9_SWhI&height=341

Email:  rpatterson@vvuhsd.org

Prep. Period: 2nd period, 8:39 a.m. – 9:28 a.m.

Text:  Focus on Physical Science, Prentice Hall


Course requirements:

This course is an Honors course based upon the California State Standards in Physical Science.  Students will be expected to complete reading assignments, homework and diligent studying at home will be required.  Every student must take and pass a science lab safety test.  Safe laboratory practices must be maintained by everyone, every day.  Students are required to bring a #2 pencil a blue or black pen, red pen, composition book, three-ringed binder with paper, and planner with them to class every day.  A scientific calculator and a box of colored pencils are recommended.


Attendance is Mandatory.  Although making up missed work due to suspension and expulsion is expected, no credit will be given for unexcused absences or suspensions and expulsions from class/school.  Mr. Patterson requires every student to take notes every day.  Students who miss a day should get the notes from another student who was present. Students also have the option of signing up for Saturday school get help with homework, or to make up a missed lab etc.


Assignments:  Students are required to do homework, which includes reading each chapter as assigned, and to completing the Section Assessments, the Review and Assessment (at the end of the chapter) and the Standards Practice (at the end of each chapter) as well as defining key terms for every chapter.  Due dates, for all chapter homework, are usually on Fridays.  Students are required to complete classwork, which includes laboratory activities, worksheets, presentations and cooperative group activities.


Grading System:  Grades are based upon the percentage of points a student earns on each weighted category below. 

Tests 40 %, Final Test 10 % Labs 30 %, Classwork & Homework 20%.

An overall grade from:

100% - 96.50% is an A+; 96.49%-92.50 % is an A; 92.49%-89.5% is an A-;

 89/49% - 86.50% is a B+; 86.49%-82.50% is a B; 82.49%-79.50 is a B-

                                79.49% - 76.50% is a   C+; 76.49% - 72.50% is a   C; 72.49% - 69.50 % is a C-

69.49% – 66.50% is a D+; 66.49% - 62.50% is a D; 62.49% - 59.50% is a D-

and 59.59% and below is an F.


Tests:  Tests are given after every unit; students should review their reading assignments and review their notes in order to study for tests. Benchmark tests given by the district, as part of a summative assessment, will be included as part of the 40% Test grade category in the grading system.


Current Grade:  Grades will be updated at least biweekly and parents may obtain a user name and password to access their student’s grade and attendance over the Aries network.   Students, it is your responsibility to keep current with your grade that may be viewed on Aries.  Always be aware of your progress in the class.  See me immediately if you see a mistake or discrepancy with your grade.  You may see me after or before class.


Tutoring:  Students wishing for more instructional assistance and help in studying topics that they may be struggling in may come to tutoring after school.  Refer to the tutoring schedule and calendar for CIMS that is in the weekly bulletin or announcements.


Citizenship: grades are based upon student behavior.  Only students exemplifying model behavior will receive and outstanding grade in citizenship.  Students warned about any inappropriate behavior in class will receive a satisfactory or lower in citizenship.  Students written up about inappropriate behavior in class will receive a needs improvement for their citizenship grade.  Any student written up twice for inappropriate class behavior will receive an unsatisfactory citizenship grade.


Make-up work

Only work missed from excused absences will be allowed to be made up for credit.  If you get an absence excused by going to Saturday school, then I will accept the work for full credit, as long as you attended the whole Saturday session and do not leave or get sent home early. I strongly encourage those who missed class to complete the make-up work.  A student will have 1 day for every day missed during their absence to return all makeup work.  This does not apply for work missed during a leave of absence from class.  If a student knows he/she will have an extended absence, then they should get the work before they leave and hand it in within 2 days after they return from the absence.  No late work is accepted, and extra-credit is given only occasionally on tests. Please see me regarding arrangements for any circumstances that may require other consideration.  Check my web site (www.chemsnippets.com) for lessons and assignments during an absence.


Cheating:  Completed work is expected to be your own, well thought out, neat, and organized.  Cheating is copying another person’s work and representing it as your own.  This applies to labs, homework, class-work, quizzes, tests and projects.  Any student caught cheating will receive zero credit for the assignment or test or lab they were caught cheating on.  A referral will be sent to Counseling and Administration.


Classroom Rules/Consequences


Rules                                                                                                                      Consequences

·         Come to class on time and prepared                                       1. Verbal warning

·         Start daily assignments when you come to class                  2.  Student will change seat or copy rules or                                                                                                                                                                        teacher may call parents

·         Maintain behavior that allows you and others to learn       3.  Student will be given a time-out in an appropriate           

·         Follow all safety rules                                                                       location.

·         Talking out of turn is not permitted.                                        4.  Student will be sent to principal with a referral    

·         No food or beverage is to be consumed in the                      

       science classroom, as a matter of student safety.


·         Severity Clause:  Any student who becomes an immediate and severe discipline problem, or who shows grave disrespect, will be sent directly to the office without going through the consequence sequence above.  This will be the first day of a two day class suspension.


Laboratory Information:  Students will be working regularly in the laboratory.  Students who are absent during a day that a laboratory investigation is assigned must come in on their own time to make it up.  Schedule a time with Mr. Patterson to make up the lab within one week of the absence or the lab cannot be made up.  Students are responsible for paying the school for any equipment they break.  The replacement fee includes the current cost of replacement, tax, shipping and handling.





2014-2015 PREPARING FOR SUCCESS IN Physical Science


We have read, reviewed, understand and agree to adhere to the policies and rules that have been provided by Mr. Patterson. A copy of the Physics I Course Guide must be kept in the student’s binder at all times.




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